Spring is an international instructional cheerleading company based in Canada (Spring Tumbling for Cheerleaders) & the USA (Spring CDT). It is owned by Lisa Aucoin & Kenny Feeley respectively. Over the last 13 years we have travelled world wide, supporting programs, coaches, teams and athletes. We are thrilled to have this opportunity to work with more of you and build the best version of our sport possible!


Our mission is “To connect, lead, innovate, inspire and educate the global cheerleading community”


The Spring Family is one of the best in the world. We transcend borders, languages, cultures,and so much more! Participation in this program is only the beginning of your relationship with us!


We are a company based on innovation & excellence. We are committed to your success and are excited for you to start your virtual training journey.




Kenny is the owner of Spring CDT, a US based international instructional cheerleading company that teaches scholastic, collegiate and all-star cheerleading teams in over 42 countries.  This past year at the Cheerleading Worlds, Spring had the honor of working with 117 different teams, including the Cheer Sport Great White Sharks who are the 1st international team to win a World Championship in Level 5 back to back in 2014 & 2015, and again in 2018 & 2019.

Kenny was a coach of the 5x World Champion Team Canada Co-ed Elite team, and Team Canada All Girl Premier.  He has worked with many other national teams. 

In college, Kenny was a National Champion cheerleader with the University of Louisville and Gym Tyme All-Stars.  In 2012, at the age of 34 he returned to Gym Tyme to compete at  the World Championships where he earned a Silver medal.    Kenny has worked for Spirit Sports, and was the National Director of Speed Camps.  He was an Assistant Coach at Clemson University from 2004-2006.

Through Spring he hosts a series of coaching conferences in Canada and around the world.  He is also a member of the USASF Education Committee for both stunts & tumbling.  He is the creator of F.A.S.T & the Ruby Slipper grip. Last year he spoke at over 20 conferences worldwide. He is an international building expert. 




Close to fifteen years ago Lisa began a journey that would forever change her life. The opportunity to travel, see the world, experience other cultures and embrace so many new things has forever impacted who she is as a person and how she sees the world.


There is a quote that says those who travel can never feel truly at home again because they leave a piece of their heart every place that they visit. LISA LIVES THIS. She is truly a citizen of the world!


Lisa is the founder of Spring Tumbling for Cheerleaders, a Canadian based international instructional cheerleading company & educational conference business. She travels and teaches cheerleading all over the world as a 4x World Champion Coach and International Conference organizer & speaker.


She was featured on the ABC Freeform/Netflix series Cheer Squad, and is the Director of the Ottawa REDBLACKS CFL Cheer & Dance Team.  She is an ICU Judge for the sport of cheerleading. 


Lisa is passionate about leadership, teamwork, team building, creating opportunities for young people, women’s issues, developing a champion mindset in life, goal setting and placing a premium on experiences.